Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Spain's Socialist Party threatens Prime Minister Rajoy with no-confidence vote

"Spain's opposition Socialists said on Tuesday they would call a symbolic vote of no-confidence against Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy if he refused to appear before Parliament to answer questions about a deepening scandal over party financing.
"Rajoy's ruling centre-right People's Party has an absolute majority in Parliament and unless there were significant defections from members of his party, he would survive the vote.But a motion of no-confidence, which has been used only twice since the death of dictator General Francisco Franco in 1975, would involve him or a representative appearing in Parliament to defend his actions.Until recently Rajoy had managed to limit the impact of the scandal, which involves alleged illegal donations by construction magnates that were supposedly distributed as cash payments to party leaders in return for juicy contracts.
"On Tuesday he told business leaders at a lunch that he would continue to reject calls to resign and his strong majority in Parliament was a guarantee of political stability in Spain, according to a source who was briefed on the meeting.
"Rajoy, who came close to having to ask for a financial rescue last year when the euro zone crisis was at its worst point, is at pains to differentiate his leadership from less stable coalition governments elsewhere in southern Europe. Facing growing pressure within the PP over his handling of the corruption scandal, he said he would stick to his political reform program until the 2015 election."

Excerpt above from Reuters.  Excerpt below from PressEurop.eu  

"Señor Rajoy, it is time to give answers - Mariano Rajoy responded with a resounding “no” to opposition calls for him to resign. But he did not give it in his parliamentary headquarters, nor while offering any detailed explanation of the [former People’s Party (PP) treasurer Luiz] Bárcenas case; he gave it as an aside [on July 15] during a press conference with the Polish prime minister and through a statement prepared in advance. [Rajoy] knows very well that what we heard yesterday was not the explanation that is being demanded, and that he will not get off so easy before Parliament."

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