Monday, August 4, 2014

Where to get Dr Pepper in Barcelona

This past weekend I moved to Madrid from Barcelona. Before leaving BCN I put together this list of places that sell imported Dr Pepper:

Taste of America
Calle Balmes, 322
Barcelona 08006

A Taste of Home: The English Supermarket
C/ Floridablanca 78
Barcelona 08015

Krakoviak Polish Specialties.
Calle de Sicília 324-332
Barcelona 08025

Carrefour Market Ramblas
Rambla de los Estudios, 113
Barcelona 08002
(Dr Pepper lovers have me to thank for this: I kept asking until they finally started stocking it a couple of years ago. It seems to be a very popular item. Unlike the Dr Pepper sold in the Carrefour Planet locations below, it is stocked in the regular soft drink section, which is on the ground floor, not in the foreign foods section AKA Sabores del Mundo, located on the basement level.)

Carrefour Planet Hipermercado La Maquinista
La Maqunista Shopping Center
Paseo Potosí, 2
Barcelona 08030

Carrefour Planet  Hipermercado Gran Vía 2
Avda. Gran Vía 75-93
L´Hospitalet del Llobregat 08908
(This one is just a few blocks outside Barcelona city limits, not far from Plaza de España. One pain in the neck about these two locations is that they don't stock as much as the Ramblas location does, so don't be surprised if they are out. Sometimes they are out for one week, sometimes several weeks. I have only seen the Dr Pepper supply at the Ramblas location out of stock once, and that was only for a few days.)

The little Carrefour Express location at Calle Nou de la Ramblaalso sells Dr Pepper.

The Carrefour hypermarket location at Las Glories (which is not as huge as the Planet stores) has never stocked Dr Pepper that I know of. I only asked a couple of times, but that was because it was not a location I went to much.

Via Laietana 15

C/ Diputacion 314

The following little Pakistani-owned convenience stores sell Dr Pepper:

Sol Bruc 70
Calle Bruc 70
Barcelona 08037

Frutas y Verduras
Calle Trafalgar 48
Barcelona 08010

Psg. de Colom 2
Barcelona  08002

La Bodegueta
Calle Joaquin Costa 28
El Raval
Barcelona 08001
(Some other Pakistani-owned shops on this same street also sell Dr Pepper.)

In Barceloneta, near the beach, the following Pakistani-owned convenience stores sell Dr Pepper:

Calle Dr. Aiguader 1
08003 Barcelona
(Literally just outside the Barceloneta Metro station. There are two little stores next to each other. The one to the right usually has Dr Pepper.) 

Psg. Joan de Borbo 1
Barcelona 08003

Psg. Joan de Borbo 26
Barcelona 08003

Supermarket (that's the name over the door)
Corner of C/ Andrea Doria and C/ Atlantida
Barcelona 08003
(Located on the eastern side of Barceloneta's Public Market)

Supermercat del Mar
C/ Miquel Boera 11
Barcelona 08003
(Where Sant Carles street ends at the steps to the seafront)

The Bangladeshi community is much smaller than the Pakistani one in Barcelona, but at least on Bangladeshi business sells Dr Pepper:

Av. Marina 94
Barcelona 08018 

Please leave a comment or email me in order to update this list.

Click here for my Dr Pepper in Madrid and more list, as well as to read about how Dr Pepper can have different flavors depending on where it is imported from. 

P.S. There is also little Pakistani store on Ronda Universitat (31? 33?) near Pl Catalunya that sells Dr P. If anyone knows the name and exact address, please let me know so I can add the details.

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