Saturday, August 1, 2015

Spanish man fined for calling police slackers on Facebook; King and Queen to visit St. Augustine, Florida for its 450 birthday

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Spanish man fined for calling police 'slackers' on Facebook

The first known individual to fall foul of Spain’s controversial new “gag law” has spoken out against what he sees as the repression of free speech after he received a fine for describing his local police force as "slackers" on Facebook. Eduardo Diaz, a 27-ye …

10 Trivias About Spain (Video)

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

San Fermin bull-run gore count; Hug, Kiss, Steal; Granada mayor tells teen girls 'nearly naked' looks best; One thing Left & Right agree on; More Spanish speakers in USA than Spain

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Busted: Gang of thieves who hug and kiss victims

Spain's national police have broken up an organized band of thieves using hugs and kisses to distract victims.  Authorities have charged nine people in various cities across the country with using a technique called 'abracitos' ('little hugs') to commit robbery. The me …

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US now has more Spanish speakers than Spain – only Mexico has more

The United States is now the world’s second largest Spanish-speaking country after Mexico, according to a new study published by the prestigious Instituto Cervantes. The report says there are 41 million native Spanish speakers in the US plus a further 11.6 million who ar …

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Unvaccinated child dies of diphtheria / Citizenship granted to Sephardic Jews. Descendants of expelled Muslims get nothing

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The Flag and National Anthem of Spain = Bandera e Himno Nacional de España

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Madrid's new Mayor; Diptheria reappears in Spain after a generation

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Shouts of 'Yes, We Can' as Manuela Carmena sworn in as Mayor of Madrid, Spain

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Manuela Carmena Castrillo, the candidate of the leftist coalition Ahora Madrid (Now Madrid), is the new Mayor of the capital of Spain.

Spain's 1st diphtheria case in 30+ years: child, whose parents oppose vaccines, in serious condition

A six-year-old child diagnosed with diphtheria remained …

The Great Granny Battle: Countess vs Ex-Communist for Mayor of Madrid

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In one corner, a countess and veteran politician who is a devout admirer of the late Margaret Thatcher. In the other, a retired judge and former communist party member who describes herself as a “hugging grandma”. Charismatic and tough as nails, the two ideological …

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Photos: Saint Isidore Festival 15-17 May 2015 / Fotos: Fiesta de San Isidro 15-17 de Mayo 2015

Saint Isidore lived here

Nice folks in traditional costume posed for me
More traditional costumes
A little parade...
...with some big people...
...and big heads

Gypsy lady playing an organ-grinder and giving out prayer cards
Food glorious food!
The anti-recession sandwich stand
Homemade stuff
Traditional roscones
Different flavored roscones have different names: Saint Clara, Smart, Stupid, Lemon, etc.
A Father in search of a flock

Goin' to the chapel
My Saint Isidore prayer card, which the gypsy lady gave me

Vallecas - a neighborhood in Madrid

A few photos I took near the metro / cercanias station:

Lovely, ain't it.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Esperanza Aguirre: Trabajar. Hacer. Crecer. Aparcar.

Esperanza Aguirre is a candidate for mayor of Madrid. She had a little run-in with the law last year after she parked her car in a bus lane on one of Madrid's busiest streets, so she could use a cash machine. As thinkSPAIN reported recently:
MADRID'S former regional president Esperanza Aguirre will not be tried for a criminal offence for her having allegedly fled the police after being caught parking in a bus lane.
She could have been facing up to two years in prison for 'serious disobedience', although she would not have to serve this as it was a first offence.
Instead, she will face civil trial, which would at worst end in a fine.
Esperanza had left her car in a bus lane on the Gran Vía with her four-way hazard lights on when she rushed to a cashpoint when she was caught.
Police claimed she got in her car and drove off when they were in the middle of issuing her fine, without permission, and knocked over a police motorbike. ...
Esperanza, who is candidate for mayoress* of Madrid and is still PP chair for the region, may still face a fine for driving off without permission.
So, perhaps the slogan her party has chosen for the campaign (Trabajar. Hacer. Crecer. / Work. Make. Grow.) could use a fourth verb in her case:

Aparcar. / Park.  

Photo: By PP Madrid (Comité de Dirección Regional) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons.

*  Mayoress?!?! 


Thursday, May 14, 2015

No Communion, No Money, No Catholic; Innit in Spanish; Anti-Drunk-Walking

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Article PhotoI'm simply Christian now: Divorced Catholic leaves Church after being refused communion, but asked for money

Last Sunday was an important day for Angela Conesa: her son had his First Communion. However, Angela was not able to take communion herself that day. Why? Because, as local Church officials reminded her in a letter a few days before the event, divorced Catholics who remarry civi …

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Handy Spanish phrases for British tourists (Video)

To help prepare British holidaymakers travelling to Spain this summer, former professional soccer player and now Hollywood actor, Vinnie Jones, delivers a performance like never before as he launches his own Spanish lessons. Check it out for all those essential Spanish phrases li …

Spain wants to ban drunk walking and set speed-limit for joggers

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Catalonia's Leader, Artur Mas, Says Spain's New Podemos Party an Obstacle to Independence Movement

From an interview appearing in the Wall Street Journal today:

"As he prepared to embark on a trip to the U.S. where he will promote his independence campaign, Catalan regional President Artur Mas talked in an interview with The Wall Street Journal about the challenge of drumming up international support for his region’s uphill bid...
"The independence debate comes at a time when Spain’s long-stable two-party political system is under siege due to unemployment of 24% and a series of corruption scandals.
"Mr. Mas expressed concern about the rise of Podemos, the youth-led, leftist party that has surged in national polls with its slashing attacks on Spain’s conservative government. The party, with its more radical antiausterity discourse, aims to reframe the political debate in a way that could be unfavorable for the independence movement, he said.
" 'For Catalonia, the underlying problem isn’t the left-right axis, but rather the relationship between Catalonia and the Spanish state,' he said. 'Put another way, whether either the left or right governs, we need more power for Catalonia, more resources for Catalonia, more decision-making capacity, and more protection for our language and culture.'
"The emergence of Podemos 'blurs things a little, or even undermines the basic challenge. In that sense, the appearance of Podemos is a great favor to the interests of the Spanish state.'
"Mr. Mas said Podemos was a distraction from the main issues facing Catalonia and that was 'highly negative' for the independence movement. Some analysts suggest that Podemos could capture protest votes from crisis-weary Catalans which might have previously gone to pro-independence parties.
"In recent years, the pro-secession movement has gained followers in the northern region with its complaint that Madrid drains Catalonia of taxes without respecting its culture. But since 2.3 million people participated in a symbolic vote on independence last November, the separatist movement has run into a rough patch.
"There were open disputes between Mr. Mas and another separatist leader before they agreed to schedule a parliamentary election this September that is designed to serve as a referendum on independence.
"Meanwhile, polls taken in Catalonia since December have shown opponents to independence outnumbering supporters—albeit narrowly—for the first time since 2012."

The photos above are of Mas' last election campaign poster and of Artur Mas wannabe Charlton Heston. Or something like that.