Sunday, July 1, 2007

Newspapers / Periódicos

When I first moved here, the paper I usually read was El Periodico, because it was a good paper and the articles seemed shorter than in many of the others. Now that my Spanish has improved (or more accurately, “continues to improve”), I read El Pais. This is because I can now get through longer articles and to me it’s more of a national paper than the Catalonian produced El Periodico.

I usually only buy the paper on Sunday. During the week I get my news from the free newspapers distributed outside metro stations. These are: ADN (or DNA in English), Metro, ¡Que!, and 20 Minutos. Of these ADN is my favorite and seems the most polished. It also has an evening edition, called ADN2. ¡Que! is wonderfully sensational with bold red headlines, large print and a lot of tabloid-like stories.

These mini-newspapers are great for people who are learning Spanish or Catalan, as side from being free, most of the articles are rather short. (In Barcelona all of these mini-newspapers are bi-lingual, with some articles in Spanish and some in Catalan.)

Copied from original posting by Carloz on 17 June, 2007

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Carloz said...

One of the free dailys, Metro, is closing down. Here's a link to an article: Metro Shutters Spanish Operations.