Sunday, July 1, 2007

In Tuesday’s News: Movie Theaters on Strike & The Rolling Stones Jazz

Ninety-three percent of Spanish cinemas did not open on Monday to protest the proposed Ley del Cine (Cinema Law) and today Spanish film stars gathered to voice their concerns. Cinema owners are opposed to a requirement that at least one of every four films shown in theaters is Spanish or European. The Federation of Spanish Cinemas claims that this would result in finacial losses as theaters would be forced to show movies that the majority of the cinema-going public would not be interested in. On the other side of the argument, the Spanish Ministry of Culture views the law as a way to protect the Spanish film industry. If the law is passed the Federation wants theater owners to receive subsidies for having to show films that don’t make the money Hollywood movies do. While the actors unions have disagreements with the proposed law as it stands now, they are not opposed to the cuota requirement. Their complaints have more to do with the an inadequate mention of actors in the new law.

The Rolling Stones are set to appear in BCN on Thursday night. (No, I don’t have tickets. Been there; done that; didn’t buy the t-shirt.) Meanwhile, some of their musicians were scheduled to play jazz versions of their reportoire at the Jazzroom of La Cova Drac on Tuesday night.

Finally, the ever topical Que newspaper-ette devoted about a third of it’s front page to the disturbing headline: MEDIA VIDA BUSCANDO LOS PAPELES. (Half a life looking for [important] papers.) The complete second page and part of the third were dedicated to the shocking revelation that many Spaniards can’t find important personal papers when they need them. Well, do you know where your tax returns, home insurance documents, passport, social security card and family book are? Do you even know what a family book is? ¿?

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