Sunday, June 14, 2015

Madrid's new Mayor; Diptheria reappears in Spain after a generation

Here are my latest Spain related posts on Newsvine:

Shouts of 'Yes, We Can' as Manuela Carmena sworn in as Mayor of Madrid, Spain

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Manuela Carmena Castrillo, the candidate of the leftist coalition Ahora Madrid (Now Madrid), is the new Mayor of the capital of Spain.

Spain's 1st diphtheria case in 30+ years: child, whose parents oppose vaccines, in serious condition

A six-year-old child diagnosed with diphtheria remained …

The Great Granny Battle: Countess vs Ex-Communist for Mayor of Madrid

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In one corner, a countess and veteran politician who is a devout admirer of the late Margaret Thatcher. In the other, a retired judge and former communist party member who describes herself as a “hugging grandma”. Charismatic and tough as nails, the two ideological …

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