Sunday, November 23, 2014

As tourism to Spain grows, Spaniards staying home: study finds continuing decrease in 'outbound' travel

Spain's economy may be on the rebound, but the ripple effects from the crash that began in 2008continued to impact negatively on outbound tourism during 2013. 

Spanish consumers seem more focused on debt reduction and saving than ever before. Reducing and eliminating non-essential spending, including travel, is now the Spanish way, according to
Euromonitor International.

The new report, "Tourism Flows Outbound in Spain," finds that Spaniard's visiting European countries continued to decrease in 2013 and the number of visitors on long haul destinations declined as well. 

About 60% of departures in Spain are made during the summer holidays, with Easter, Christmas (although traditionally spent with the family), New Year’s and national holidays accounting for most of the remaining 40%.

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