Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Graves, Breast Implants, Sex, Tattoos and Juana la Loca

My Newsvine Articles and Posts with Spain related content, June-September 2014

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First mass grave of 14th-century plague victims found in Spain

Photo: An overview of the pit excavated in the Basilica of Sant Just i Pastor. / Irene Gibrat
The Basilica of Sant Just i Pastor, in the heart of Barcelona’s historic Gothic Quarter, has been a place of Christian worship since the fourth century. In recent years it has provided archeologists with rich bounty:

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Juana La Loca Syndrome in Venezuela

Juana La Loca Syndrome: that's how one Venezuelan writer describes the rush of his fellow citizens to get tattooed with images of and tributes to Hugo Chavez. Writing in Spain's Estrella Digital, former Radio Caracas Television Internacional reporter Noe Pernia compares the …

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