Friday, April 22, 2011

Spain's 'Semana Santa' Celebrations Threatened By Rain Throughout The Country

It looks like I may not get to see many, if any, processions, or even spend time sunning on the beach on my Semana Santa holiday in Cartagena. But I'm not alone -- Spain is supposed to be awash in rain this Holy Week 2011, much to the dismay of the brotherhoods, the penitents, and tourists like me. Indeed, I left a partly cloudy Barcelona this morning, and about a fourth of the way on the eight-hour train trip the inundation started. Thankfully, the rain stopped before we reached our destination, but heavy clouds greeted us.

According to weather reports, most of the Peninsula and the Balearic Islands will be under a cloud cover, with weak to moderate rain, and occasional storms. Even the Canary Islands are expected to have gray skies, with the possibility of light rain in the northern islands. Things are expected to start clearing up everywhere on Monday -- the day I head back to Barcelona!

Thank God there are lots of museums to visit here in Cartagena, and everywhere in Spain. Wait a minute! Thursday, Friday, and Sunday are holidays, so chances are many museums will be closed! Oh, well, my hotel is great, I have lovely friends who live here, and, of course, clouds and rain can't ruin all the wonderful Spanish cuisine available all year long - then, too, there's always the chance that the weather men and women will be proved wrong.

Wherever you will be this Easter weekend, I hope it will be a good one - come rain, or come shine.

Saludos amig@s,


P.S. Here's a local report in English, from The 23 provinces prepare for a soggy Easter weekend

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Carloz said...

I had a great time! As for the weather, the weather predictions for rain every day for the long weekend did not come true for Cartagena, although it did for other cities in Spain. In Cartagena, Friday and Saturday ended up being nice and sunny. It rained early Easter Sunday, then cleared up somewhat, and was mostly a partly cloudy day. When I left on Monday it was cloudy. So, all in all, pretty good weather.