Sunday, August 24, 2008

I'm back!

Where've I been? Well, here in BCN mostly. So, why haven't I written anything in almost two months? Well, at the end of June I was busy moving into a new apartment (I'm still in lovely ole' Barceloneta, but in a slightly larger place); then in July I had lots to do in order to wind down the school year and settle into said apartment; then it was August, with more settling in, a house guest and of course V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N.
Let's see, since my last post I have been to Ireland (that was work -- I escorted 30 Spanish teens to a summer English course they were to participate in in Cork!), travelled to Italy (that was pure vacation!!) and done a lot of reading, resting, reading, eating, reading, relaxing and reading. Now the last week of my summer break is about to begin and I've got to get ready to gear up for the new school year that starts in September. I have to say, I am definitely up for it!
I'll write more soon. Meanwhile, enjoy the rest of August!


Anonymous said...

Hombre, I need to get back to Spain!
Glad to see you're back to writing...


VMc said...

ahhhh, yes, vacations. Sounds terrific - all that reading and resting. Not jealous at all.... hmph!

M(iška) said...

Nice. Sounds like you have been enjoying your summer. Look forward to hearing more about it.