Monday, May 12, 2008

Dancing in the Street at Second Easter Time

Today is a public holiday in Barcelona – Lunes de Pascua Granada, which literally translates as something like, “Fructifying Easter Monday.” However, it is commonly called Lunes de Segunda Pascua, which is more easily translated into, "Second Easter Monday." In the English speaking world it's known as the day after Pentecost, or Whit Monday. Aside from Barcelona, this day is observed as a holiday in a few other parts of Spain, such as Valencia and the Basque Country, as well as in several European countries, including Belgium, Denmark, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland and parts of Austria, Germany, Hungary and Switzerland...

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Anonymous said...


I appreciate your research on Segunda pascual. I was in Barcelona May 12 & 13, then again May 19 & 20. For a month now, I have been trying to find out what was going on that first weekend.

I had always expected to love the city (having studied Spanish language and culture from 1962-1970) but things were not as I expected them to be. I was unaware of the regional holiday when I was planning the trip. I was surprised by the high cost of things (in my planning stages), surprised at the suffocating crowds when I arrived. Granada was more inviting, so we left Barcelona and spent more days in the south than we originally intended. The purpose of the trip was to ease into Morocco, a place I went to for one day in preparation for next year when I will go for five days.

At any rate, your posting about Barcelona is helpful to me now.

Thank you.


Carloz said...

Hi Rose,

Glad the post was of some belated help. Yes, Barcelona is not the bargain price-wise that it used to be. Despite this, the tourists still come in droves and so parts of the city can be quite crowded, especially in spring and summer. That is why I try to include posts about eating out economically and places to visit that are a bit off the beaten path. I hope you enjoyed Spain overall and that your 5 days in Morocco next year are pleasant.