Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Year's Day in Getxo

I haven't got much time, but I wanted to post something on the first day of 2008. So, I'll write a little about the place where I spent this cool, sunny day.
Getxo is a beach town within the greater metropolitan area of Bilbao. It is located at the mouth of the Nervion river, just inland from the Bay of Biscay. It offers great views of the bay, especially towards the north.
One such area is La Galea, which is where this post's photo was taken. This cliff top spot has a little park next to the abandoned fort and lighthouse that give the place its name. Aside from a sign reading "La Fortaleza La Galea" (Galea Fort), there was no other information posted about the fort, but it seemed to me to be at least a couple of hundred years old. It's a great spot for picnicking -- and I say that from experience.
Other sites I enjoyed in Getxo included several stunning 19th century mansions, some lovely parks, a series of relaxing water-side walkways, a hill-side elevator that provides a nice view of the river and bay, and the 1893 "transporter bridge". This contraption is also known as a "ferry bridge," because it is sort of a combination of the two, that carries cars across the river in a gondola. What a great ride!
Hasta luego amig@s,


Stilcrazyjayne said...

I found your blog by accident and have really enjoyed reading it. I love spain and am learning spanish.
No entries since new years day tho?

Carloz said...

Thanks for the comment Jacqui. Yes, until the 6th I was busy enjoying my time off and since the 7th I've been pretty busy with work. I hope to post something this weekend. Chao, Carloz