Monday, July 2, 2007

Two English Teachers & One French Teacher needed for Summer Camp in Palenica

An acquaintance of mine who organizes a summer camp near Palencia every year asked me to post this on my blog. Of course, he’s only interested in teachers who are already in Spain. I’ve known people who taught there in the past and enjoyed it.

I’ve copied and pasted what he wrote, which is in Spanish, and written my translation below that. He does not speak much English. (I don't know about his French.)

"Necesito profesores de ingles [y un de frances] para el curso de verano. Los niños tienen de 8 a 16 años. Están en grupos reducidos según nivel de conocimiento del idioma, como máximo 15 niños por aula. Los cursos son en Julio y agosto. Los niños vienen por mes completo o por quincena. Los profesore tendrían 4 horas diarias de clase por la mañana, el resto del tiempo lo tienen libre. Además del sueldo, yo les doy el alojamiento y la manutención gratis, además pueden ir a las excursiones que hagan los niños. Los interesados pueden enviarme su curriculum si es posible en español al correo o llamarme al 606 145 045. Cervera de Pisuerga está enclavada en la montaña palentina dentro del parque natural de Fuentes Carrionas y Fuente Cobre, un lugar de veraneo. Padre Francisco Javier Puebla"

I need English teachers [and one French teacher] for the summer course. The children are from 8 to 16 years. They are grouped according to level of knowledge of the language, at most 15 children in a classroom. The courses are in July and August. The children come for a whole month complete or for a two-week period. The teacher would have 4 hours of class daily in the morning, the remainder of the time would be free. Besides the salary, I give free board and lodging. In addition they they can go on the excursions that the children take. Those that are interested can send me a résumé, in Spainish if possible, to or call me on 606 145 045. Cervera de Pisuerga is located on the mountain of Palencia, inside the nature reserve of Fuentes Carrionas y Fuente Cobre, a summer resort. Father Francisco Javier Puebla

P.S. He just called me and told me the pay is 750 gross and that he could probably help with bus or train fare to Palencia.

P.P.S Here's a link to a Mapquest showing the location of Palencia.

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