Sunday, July 1, 2007

Brownies for English class!

Copied from original posting by Carloz on June, 2007

Today I am finishing up one of my intermediate classes, so I have baked brownies to bring along as well as prepared a lesson on the History of Brownies. Students are often interested in the culture and cuisine of their English teachers, so I periodically use something from those areas as a basis for a lesson. In the past I’ve brought peanut butter sandwiches to class, had a ”pot luck” luncheon with a group where I brought a special dish made according to one of my mother’s recipes, prepared lessons on the history of Thanksgiving and Halloween, and, of course, used American music to get students using English. Once I even brought in a bottle of aspirin to class because students here had commented on only having seen people taking aspirin from a bottle in Hollywood movies. (Here aspirin comes in little boxes of about 30 pills.) Whatever it takes to get them talking — even if it means having to endure eating brownies! ;-)

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